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About Eastern Hills Chiropractic

Though he began practicing in August 2000 under the name Haumesser Chiropractic and ran a few locations, Dr. Matthew Haumesser took over the current practice in 2012. That’s when the chiropractic office was officially known as Eastern Hills Chiropractic. He loves helping those in Cincinnati live abundant, healthy lives!

Happy family outsideMission and Philosophy

We believe that all healing comes from the inside. If we eliminate any interference in the body’s ability to do its job, it can heal itself and become stronger and healthier. Chiropractic removes any interference in the communication between the brain and the body and the body and the brain.

Our mission is to assist the members of our community to continually expand their levels of health and wellness to progressively maximize their expression of their purpose and potential in life.

Caring for Patients of All Ages

People of all ages can benefit from safe and natural chiropractic care. We have a highly diverse patient base that includes lots of families, athletes and seniors citizens. Whatever your age or stage, chiropractic can help you meet your individual health goals. Dr. Matt has cared for many individuals with a range of health concerns. He’s seen patients ranging from 12 hours old to a 103-year-old.

Our Success Stories

Helping an Ear Infection
One little girl was suffering from ear infections to the point where she was bleeding out of the ears. Dr. Matt encouraged the mother to bring her daughter in so he could examine her. After just a few adjustments, her ear infections went away, and she never needed tubes.

Getting Her Happiness Back
A patient in her 30s was dismayed that many aspects of her life were being muted to the point where she couldn’t taste food or smell things. She also walked with a cane. At her wit’s end, the woman came in for care. After she started getting adjusted, her sense of smell returned, she’s walking better and is much happier.

Enjoying Family Pizza Fridays
Because of his significant acid reflux and heartburn, one patient was unable to enjoy eating pizza with his family on Friday nights. After Dr. Matt started adjusting him, however, his reflux went away, he stopped taking his medications and was able to enjoy pizza with his family.

Get Started Today

Whether you want to get out of pain, improve your game or be able to play with your grandchildren, we look forward to helping you. Book an appointment today at our chiropractic care center!

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