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Meet Dr. Matthew Haumesser

Finding Relief From Migraines

Dr. Matthew Haumesser

As a child, Dr. Matt was plagued by intense headaches every day. To manage the pain, he would take 4-6 maximum strength painkillers 5-6 times a day. That’s 20-36 tablets a day! “My father, who was under chiropractic care for his low back at the time, told me that I had to either see a chiropractor or a neurosurgeon.” Choosing the medical route by seeing a neurosurgeon, Dr. Matt was diagnosed with migraines and prescribed medication. Though he took the medicine consistently for over a month, it didn’t work.

After additional encouragement from his dad, Dr. Matt finally decided to try chiropractic care. He went to the chiropractor that his dad was seeing. “He later told me that the medicine the neurosurgeon gave me for my headaches had a side effect of causing headaches. I saw my chiropractor regularly, and my headaches soon went away.”
Deciding on Chiropractic As a Profession

The entire time Dr. Matt’s chiropractor was working with him, he kept saying, “You are going to be a chiropractor.” Wanting to be a pediatrician instead, Dr. Matt kept laughing off the doctor’s statement. In high school, he became interested in wrestling and drug-free bodybuilding. “My focus on health and fitness helped me to appreciate the benefits of chiropractic as a natural drug-free method of healing. My doctor nailed it. I was going to become a chiropractor.”



A Chiropractic Education

Dr. Matt attended the University of Cincinnati, earning a Bachelor of Science in Health Promotion and Exercise and Fitness in 1996. He then went on to Logan College of Chiropractic in Chesterfield, Missouri. In 1998 he earned a second Bachelor of Science in Human Biology. In August of 2000, he earned a Doctor of Chiropractic also from Logan.

Giving Back Through ChiroMission

ChiroMissionPassionate about giving back to those who are underserved, Dr. Haumesser has traveled with a group called ChiroMission, to Third World countries such as the Dominican Republic. The trips involved promoting chiropractic and adjusting people who had limited resources.

Dr. Haumesser mentored two chiropractic students out in the field who adjust an astounding 500-1000 people a day, often in the streets as well as schools and orphanages. “I believe that to grow personally, it was important for me to step out of my comfort zone. These trips have sparked a much greater appreciation for humankind and the gift of chiropractic.”

Enjoying an Active Family Life

When he’s not at Eastern Hills Chiropractic, Dr. Matt enjoys spending time with his family: his wife, who works at the practice as a massage therapist and the office manager, and their young son and daughter. He is also a professional powerlifter on the side and works out at Miami Athletic Club in Milford and the Sweat Shop in Blue Ash.

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