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Cincinnati Residents Love Eastern Hills Chiropractic!

What Our Patients Say

What others say about chiropractic care can help you make the right health care choice. Review a selection of Eastern Hills Chiropractic patient testimonials below and please Call us or Click here to email us your questions! Health & Happiness, Dr. Matt Haumesser

Excellent Job

Very professional Dr. Matt does an excellent job.
-Michael B.

Comprehensive Chiropractic Office

This office is one of the most comprehensive chiropractic offices I have ever been to. Thank you so very much for all of your knowledge, care and understanding.
-Lucy B.

Easygoing Staff

The entire staff is very polite and easy going and makes your visit very positive!
-Stephanie B.


I DON’T go to doctors, at all. Doc Matt is now the only one, and I STRONGLY recommend him.
-Lucky S.

Living Life Without Back Pain

When I first came I was a skeptic, I was having extreme lower back pain and knew that if I went to my primary care doctor would eventually tell me medicine wouldn’t be enough for me. I made the choice to come to Dr. Haumesser for treatment because I don’t like taking pain medicine, and had enough knowledge in my time as a pre-med/biology student to know that chiropractic care really could work for some people. My first visit was very informative and comprehensive, as have my visits since. Everyone at the office is welcoming and genuinely seem to enjoy what they do. Since my first visit I am now living life without the back pain that I was experiencing just a few weeks ago, as well as having fewer headaches, and relief from knee pain that I have had for years. A huge “thank you” to everyone at Eastern Hills Chiropractic for everything you have done for me.
-Meta E.

Best I Have Felt In A Long Time

Very happy I made my appointment with you. My back hasn’t felt this good in a long time.
-Brian M.

Great Team!

The staff is warm and inviting. The office makes you feel like an extension of their family. Great team culture! Dr. Matt has an excellent personalized approach and he seems to be the reason why the staff is so happy. He creates the right environment to balance personal and professional. -Jaime L.

Great Experience

Overall great experience. -Chris H.

Friendly and Amazing

Very friendly staff and Dr. Matt is amazing. He listened to my past experience from the chiropractors I have seen and chose to continue the treatment. Thanks for making my move and visit to a new chiropractor Wonderful! -Jackie T.

Very Knowledgeable

Very knowledgeable staff and very professional and genuine. -Darren B.

Caring Professional Staff

Wonderful experience. Helped by caring professional staff. Thank you! -Tony N.

On Time!

Thank you for being on time for appointments! -Penny G.


This place is wonderful! The staff is amazing and it’s reasonably priced, yet you feel like your getting top of the line treatment! They are gentle and understanding when it comes to babies as well! You can’t go wrong with Dr. Matt and his team. -Vanessa M.


Very friendly staff. -Bonnie M.


I noticed improvements immediately after first sessions and continue to see improvements with each session. -Jerry E.


Dr. Matt Haumesser was amazing and took into consideration that I have previously had chiropractic care for many years. He was so personal and did anything you asked him to. He took everything I said into consideration when treating me. I was so happy with the care I received that I am referring several family members! The front desk staff was great as well. They helped with my son when I was receiving therapy. Everyone at this practice was so pleasant! -Tamara G.

Courteous and Welcoming

Dr. Matt and team are all friendly, courteous and welcoming. I’m very happy to have come to this practice. I also appreciate that Dr. Matt tells you what to expect for treatment and how frequently adjustments are needed for optimal improvement. -Diana B.

I can’t begin to say all the good things Dr. Matt has helped me with back issues, hearing loss, and just feeling good about myself . . . Thanks Dr. Matt.”

“I have been a patient of Dr. Matt Haumesser for approximately two years, a friend had recommended him. I went for back issues and sciatic nerve problems. He took full x-rays and found my spine was out of alignment. After seeing him a couple times a week, I began to feel much better. Thanks Dr. Matt. Two years later I still have not had any more back issues. I had an inner ear infection and spent four days in the hospital, I lost my hearing completely, after seeing an EENT several times, she told me I had lost my hearing and it would never return. Because of the type of infection and location of it, I would not be able to hear even with a hearing aid. I told Joy and she told Dr. Matt. After several visits to help my hearing, I now have 50% of my hearing back. BIG THANKS again Dr. Matt. -Nancy W.

Patient Testimonial

Severe Shoulder and Neck Pain

My name is Angie Ernst I have been seeing Dr. Haumesser since April of 2004. Initially I thought that chiropractic wasn’t for me. I was referred to Dr. Haumesser by a friend when I was having severe shoulder and neck pain. Dr. Haumesser not only cured my pain, but he also helped cure an ongoing pain in my lower back. I truly believe that chiropractic care is essential to a healthy and overall great feeling life!

Patient Testimonial

Back Pain for Over Five Years

My name is Tim Bell and I have been seeing Dr. Haumesser since March 2004. I have had back pain for the last five years at least. I gave up racquetball and other sports due to the pain, which would also cause missed work. I don’t like steroids or heavy pain relievers so I gave Dr. Haumesser a try. I am back to playing racquetball and other sports again and overall I just feel better. I am no longer nagged with back pain.

Patient Testimonial

Take an Adjustment and Call Me in the Morning

My name is Mayline Perry (as told by her mother Sylvia Perry). Last year I had a virus with a high fever. After 2 ½ days of mom piggybacking Tylenol and Motrin every 4 hours and still not having a break in the fever, mom got Dr. Matt to adjust me, within 1 hour my fever broke and did not return. Since then at the first sign of a fever I get adjusted and I seem to be better in no time.

Patient Testimonial

I Don’t Like Taking Pills

My name is Ellen Sibert and I have been seeing Dr. Haumesser since April 2005. Initially I thought that they were “quacks” and that people become dependent on them. Here is my story, I was in such pain even simplistic things such as moving a mouse for my computer, playing foosball, or shopping became a guarantee I would be in pain. I chose not to go to my family doctor; I figured he would give me a bunch of meds. I don’t like taking pills. I decided it couldn’t hurt to try a chiropractor. I was scared of getting my neck aligned. In the last six months I have not been in pain or sick. I work at an elementary school and I am very active. Thanks to chiropractic care I have no limits.

Patient Testimonial

It Was My Last Resort

My name is Persona “Jake” Berberich. I came to chiropractic as a last step. After 5 years of drugs, therapy, and shots. Here I am. Sleeping 3 hours was all I could do without pain waking me up. Bending wasn’t an option. Now, I sleep, I bend, I dance and I am happy.

Patient Testimonial

Alternative Treatment for Migraines and Tension Headaches

My name is MaryLynn Schiller. I have been seeing Dr. Haumesser since May 2005. Initially I came to see Dr. Matt during an open house. I was “wowed” from the time I walked in the door! I came seeking alternative treatment for migraines and tension headaches. I was constantly rubbing my neck and temples, headaches everyday. It was a way of life to have headaches on a constant basis. Within the first 3-4 visits I noticed a reduction in the severity and frequency, plus I was sleeping much better at night because my neck wasn’t tight. I highly recommend a program with Dr. Matt that would include adjustments and massage therapy. Chiropractic makes me feel 100% better than I have felt in a long time.

Patient Testimonial

Chiropractic Helped my Range of Motion and Scar Tissue

My name is John Houser and I have been seeing Dr. Haumesser since January 2003. Initially I thought that chiropractic was only for problems with your back and neck. In 1999 I broke the radial head in my left elbow. Since then I have had problems with my range of motion and with scar tissue. Since I started seeing Dr. Haumesser I have made great strides in the range of motion in my left elbow and much less problems with scar tissue buildup. I have had multiple surgeries and seen many different physical therapists, but I have seen the most progress with Dr. Haumesser.

Patient Testimonial

Champion Powerlifter Competes With Men Half His Age

My name is Todd Jackson and I have been seeing Dr. Haumesser since August 2000. Regular chiropractic adjustments by Dr. Haumesser has allowed me to obtain the best condition of my life and compete with men half my age. (Todd Jackson is a 2 time National Champion Power lifter and he has won many bodybuilding championships)

Patient Testimonial

Chronic Ear Infections

My name is Gracie Foley (as told by her mother Sara Foley) and I have been suffering from chronic ear infections since the age of 10 months. I had tubes put in my ears after 7 months of antibiotics that did absolutely nothing. I had no ear infections for 6 months, after 6 months my ears began bleeding and the infections started all over again (the tubes were still in). After only two treatments with Dr. Haumesser I have not had a single ear infection. Also the treatment has helped my sensory integration and bowel problems. I am extremely grateful I met Dr. Haumesser.

Chronic Back Pain with Headaches

My name is Maureen and I have seen Dr. Haumesser since December 2004. I have a history of chronic back pain with headaches. Being a nurse on an orthopedic floor and in the ER for many years did some wear and tear on the old body. Now since being adjusted I have an increase in my range of motion and more energy! Thank you so much! I thought that a wheel chair was going to be my next friend!

Patient Testimonial

Asthma Attack

My name is Emma Haumesser. I have been seeing Dr. Matt since I was born. When I was younger I had an asthma attack. My mom asked my uncle Matt to adjust me and it cleared me up. After that I have seen Uncle Matt regularly.

Ankle, Knee and Shin Pain

My name is Kim Euler and I initially thought that chiropractic would be painful, but it really relaxed me and has helped my physical abilities. After playing collegiate soccer I had began to train for a marathon and I began having ankle, knee and shin pain. I started seeing Dr. Matt and by the day of my marathon I was pain free and I still am today! Thanks Dr. Matt! Give our Cincinnati chiropractic office a call to schedule an appointment today!

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